Sebastien Mamessier
Ph.D. Candidate (Robotics)
United States


Sebastien Mamessier is a Robotics/AE PhD student in the Cognitive Engineering Center at Georgia Tech. He received a M.S in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Diplome d'Ingenieur from Supaero in 2013.

His PhD thesis work focuses on computational modeling of cognitive engineering concepts enabling safe and efficient Human-AI collaboration. Applications of his research span from flight deck automation to integration of adaptive controls in semi-automated cars.

Sebastien's expertise and interests include Human Factors, Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering. Private pilot since 2013, Sebastien also enjoys soccer, astronomy and open source development.

Sebastien's homepage seb.mamessier.com gathers tutorials and blog posts around these topics.



Recent Projects

NSF-CPS: Adaptive Intelligence for Cyber-Physical Automotive Active Safety System Design and Evaluation

The main objective of this research is to use techniques and models from human factors, computational neuroscience, and adaptive and real-time optimal control theory in order to investigate the effects of the introduction of learning and adaptation to the next generation of ASCS. In particular, we will:
(a) Learn the driver’s habits, driving skills, patterns and weaknesses.
(b) Model his/her current cognitive state along multiple dimensions such as attentiveness, aggressiveness, etc.

NASA Authority & Autonomy 2010-2013

NextGen systems are envisioned to be composed of human and automated agents interacting with dynamic flexibility in the allocation of authority and autonomy. The analysis of such concepts of operation requires methods for verifying and validating that the range of roles and responsibilities potentially assignable to the human and automated agents does not lead to unsafe situations.

Map of Cognitive Engineering Center

Cognitive Engineering Center (CEC)
Georgia Institute of Technology
270 Ferst Drive
Atlanta GA 30332-0150