CEC researchers to present new methods for human-robot function allocation at ISAP 2017

JAN 27, 2017 - CEC researchers Martijn IJtsma, Lanssie Ma, Dr. Amy Pritchett, and Dr. Karen Feigh, will present a new paper on function allocation at the upcoming 2017 International Symposium on Aviation Psychology in Dayton, Ohio, USA. 

Title: Objective Function Allocation Method for Human-Robotic Interaction using Work Models that Compute

Authors: Martijn IJtsma, Lanssie M. Ma, Dr. Amy R. Pritchett, and Dr. Karen Feigh

Abstract: To create effective human-robot systems for manned space exploration missions, there is a need for design methods that can objectively evaluate the effect of human-robot function allocation on the overall system’s performance. This paper proposes a methodology for human-robot function allocation that uses the fast-time computational simulation framework Work Models that Compute. We illustrate our approach through a case study that explores the function allocation design space for an on-orbit maintenance task, demonstrating the method’s ability to address concerns with availability of resources, communication delays and robotic capabilities.

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