In Space Startup Method for Nuclear Fusion Rocket Engines

TitleIn Space Startup Method for Nuclear Fusion Rocket Engines
Publication TypePatent
Year of PublicationSubmitted
AuthorsCohen, S., M. Paluszek, Y. Razin, and E. Ham
Application Number61/868,629
Patent TypePending
Patent Number61/868,629
Keywordsengine, FRC, fusion, propulsion, rocket

The invention is for a startup system for nuclear fusion engines in space. The combustion of hydrogen and oxygen produces heat that is used by a heat engine to produce electricity. This can be supplemented by electricity from other operating engines. The exhaust from the combustion is condensed and electrolyzed to produce hydrogen and oxygen once the engine is in operation. This provides a constant source of energy for future startups. The engine is started up at partial power in electricity generation mode and this power replaces the power from the combustion as it grows. The combustor uses the same heat engine as the nuclear engine uses for power generation.

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